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The ProExtender is intended to give delicate non-destructive and effortless footing to the penis. The device secures around the base of the penis and around the crown glans (head) and has a completely movable footing device in the middle. When you step by step increment the longitudinal power on the pole of the penis, the body’s common response to this power is an augmentation of tissue cells and continuous development of the penile tissue. At the end of the day, the penis progressively and normally includes tissue and became bigger and longer.

The ProExtender System was outlined and created in Denmark by a restorative specialist and researcher with numerous times of experience examining and assessing the viability of penile expansion strategies.

Intended for: Flaccid penis measure from 2 to 7 inches (18cm)


Science Behind The Product

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Present day penis enlargement a significantly more refined form in various aspects:
– develop a new skin for uniting by the slowly extending tissue
– grow regular tissue for the reconstructive medical procedure
– make corrections
– etc.

Specialists in Europe looked for approaches to make this procedure more modern and accurate particularly for the extension of the penis. They knew they needed to build up a extender that would do this safe and adequately to expand penis length and bigness. They additionally observed the estimation of the extender in treating penile scatters like Peyronie’s disease or bend of the penis.

What We Know?

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Prior techniques generally including weights or more crude procedures offered the potential for new tissue development, however tragically the outcomes were erratic.

ProExtender was made to give precisely the appropriate measure of footing, progressively expanding after some time in a controlled, exact and simple to-utilize device.

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Pro Extender was widely tried and was the subject of an exhaustive report displayed at the International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery, in 1998, at Barcelona, Spain. The study called “Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching” made by Jorn Ege Siana, MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen.

Urologists and plastic specialists have observed the ProExtender system to be so successful, they keep on using it in their centers and healing facilities. Also they support the arrival of this innovation straightforwardly to the general population.

At these days ProExtender Deluxe and Original actively using an clinics in:

USA • Belgium • Sweden • Holland • France • Germany • United Kingdom • Denmark • Norway • Italy • Japan • Brazil • Australia • Thailand • Taiwan • Uruguay • Switzerland • Portugal • Argentina • Canada • Philippines • Serbia • Venezuela • Luxembourg • Mexico • Chile • Andorra • Malaysia • Tunisia

Benefits of ProExtender System

  • A normal increment in penis length by 1-3 inches.
  • General length and size (thickness) by 30-35% with 20-24 weeks utilize.
  • Revises penile ebb and flow and twisted penis(Peyronie’s Condition/Disease).
  • Lasting penis broadening comes about.
  • Enhance erectile capacity because of expanded blood in the penis.
  • Works for all ages. (We suggest ages more than 18 years or more).
  • Deluxe version, more comfort for best penis broadening comes about.
  • Original and Deluxe items enables you to use ProExtender imperceptible worn under your garments at your home or office.
  • It enhances sexual stamina and execution, escalates climaxes, builds peak control (Male Enhancement).
  • Presented in 1994 by the penile specialist Jorn Ege Siana from Denmark. From that point forward a large number of Pro Extender Penis Enlargers sold throughout the previous 25 years with a huge number of fulfilled clients everywhere throughout the world.
  • ProExtender give you an entire one year guarantee.


Why ProExtender the Best?

Safe and fast penis enlargement, guaranteed!

ProExtender framework is uncommonly intended to give expanded footing, enhanced blood flow, extreme comfort and better outcomes.

Professional Extender effectively increments both length and thickness of the penis. So you will accomplish proportionate increments in your penis width and your penis length. Our clinical information shows that the normal increment in penis length and size up to 30%.

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How Does It Work?

Through this device, the length and circumference of the male’s penis will be expanded. The inquiry is, how can it really work? What is the science behind it?

As we talk at the beginning, ProExtender works by giving a delicate and easy grasp to the penis, which is called footing. Consequently, tissue cells will duplicate, continuously extending the penile tissue. This implies the penis will then be longer and bigger. This extension will be permanent. This is a similar technique that is using by specialists for comparable cases, for example, while broadening a shorter leg or arm.

At the point when using in like manner, ProExtender cases to expand the measure of the penis by up to 30% inside 24 weeks.

ProExtender Side Effects

Some symptoms have been noted with using of this system. If you a first time customer, make a point to focus on a couple of things.
Uneasiness is normal amid the initial couple of long stretches of wearing ProExtender. In the event that you are a customary exercise buff, keep in mind to evacuate the gadget before working out. It might cause bothering and skin redness.A few clients have announced their groin at first being sore. You may likewise hope to encounter an extending sensation while wearing it.In the event that you have any earlier medicinal worry that you think may influence the way this device will work, it is best to talk with a therapeutic expert first before utilizing it.

Does ProExtender Really Work Or Is It A Scam?

There is still a lot of customers who are doubtful with the device viability and furthermore in safety.

If you are searching for penis enlargement device, don’t simply use any item that you run over with. Make a point to do your own research first, so you will get enough information about it. Read some customer testimonials, etc.

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Remember that no enlarge systems works like a wonder. Nonetheless, there are those that are successful and Pro Extender System is one of them. It will accord all your needs!

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Who Sell ProExtender?

ProExtender is promoted by a company named Leading Edge Health. On their site, this company cases to be a world-class pioneer with regards to the field of male improvement.

The company have 2 offices – in Canada and Cyprus. Leading Edge Marketing Inc (100 – 645 Tyee Road, Victoria, BC, Canada). You can contact them by e-mail or by calling the number: 1-866-269-3487. You can also place an order not only through the form on the website but also by phone, fax or email.

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So, if you are looking where to buy ProExtender System, Official website is the best place. Besides you can try to find it at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, GNC and other large stores, but the price will be higher. Another option is buying extender from Amazon or Ebay. Here you can even find cheaper used extender but this is not a good choice. It is an intimate product and it’s not very correct to use an already used extender. Also sellers from Ebay and Amazon can sell you device with expired manufacturer guarantee, which is one year from the date when THEY bought it. And the most dangerous that you can easily buy fake ProExtender System. In this case you can hurt your … you know what I mean… )). So, just order from Official site, get best price with discount, fast delivery and you will be 100% safe.





Increases length and girth


Straightness of penis/erection


Bigger, harder erections


Proven results


Money back



  • Increases length and girth
  • Safe, natural enlargement
  • 500,000 users worldwide
  • No surgery
  • Money back guarantee


  • Not a cheap device
  • Uncommon bothering and skin redness
  • Results may be vary
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