Nuclear Pharmacies

Full-Service Pharmacies

GE Healthcare Nuclear Pharmacies are a network of full-service pharmacies that aim to provide the highest quality radiopharmaceuticals and services available in North America.

Quality Products

Each pharmacy offers full line of radiopharmaceuticals from our company, as well as products from other pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Quality Service

Our products are backed by a staff committed to servicing the diverse needs of all our customers.

Quality Foundation

Our Pharmacies have full, unlimited access to the substantial financial, technical, and human resources of multi-national radiopharmaceutical manufacturer and diagnostic imaging company.


The Needle-Guard provides protection as the needle is being removed from the patient after administration of pharmaceutical.

Technetium Shortage Information

GE Healthcare radio-pharmacies, as well as many other radiopharmacies throughout the nation, use Tc99m Generators supplied by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). BMS has notified GE Healthcare that its supplier, Nordion, is having continued supply issues in the production of Molybdenum, a key component in the manufacturing of Tc99m Generators.

Pharmacy Locator

Locate one of our full-service nuclear pharmacies in the United States.