Business Development

Business Development and Licensing

GE Healthcare works with a variety of external collaborators in the development of products within its strategic areas of interest. These collaborations can take a variety of forms depending on the needs of the collaborator and the demands of the project. GE Healthcare has successfully worked with large pharmaceutical companies, small private companies, biotechnology companies and universities throughout the world.

GE Healthcare offers collaborators the expertise and means with which to develop and market a medical imaging product alone or in conjunction with a related therapeutic.

GE Healthcare's Strengths

  • Sales and Marketing infrastructure to reach key target audiences
  • Research and Development expertise for optimal product development
  • Regulatory expertise to gain product approval in countries around the world
  • Manufacturing expertise from formulation development to commercial scale manufacturing.

GE Healthcare has launched products in new markets for use with novel imaging technology. These markets have now developed into standards of care in medicine.

Partnering Philosophy

GE Healthcare works with collaborating companies on a "shared risk / shared return" basis. Collaborating structures are flexible to meet the needs of both parties.

GE Healthcare has the expertise to take a product or technology and develop it into a commercial product then market the product worldwide. This means that GE Healthcare considers the outright purchase of a product or technology relieving the collaborator of the demands of ongoing development and commercialization.

Alternatively, the collaborator may bring expertise that if leveraged can optimize the product's development and therefore may wish to be involved in the development of the product. In such cases GE Healthcare has formed collaboration in which each plays a role in the ongoing development of the product. By optimizing the synergies between the two companies the result is a superior product offering.

Areas for Collaborating

GE Healthcare is interested in collaborating with companies in the following areas:

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Areas for Collaborating

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